Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Spring 2014 "Finding Bliss in the Cherry Blossoms"

They are My Joy


Tuesday, January 14, 2014

One Bow-tastic Birthday party!!

I can't believe my little Millie is 5 years old!  Where has the time gone!?!  She has been a true joy to  us.
This weekend we were able to celebrate her with a Daisy Duck Birthday party (totally her idea).  I am so grateful to everyone who gave me ideas and helped me out with the party.
Here is her invite, thank you Kristen..
My awesome mom gave me the idea to make Amelia this little tutu with feathers on it to wear to the party.  She also sent Amelia a stuffed daisy duck for her Birthday and we were  able to use it for decorating her table.  Amelia loved it all!!
I made the little girls Daisy Bows to put in their hair for the party...I also made little duck tails for them to wear.  They all looked so cute!!
Here's the whole adorable crew!
We had fun playing games like Daisy, Daisy Duck; freeze dance, find daisy's daisy flowers and guess what animal I am..
Then it was Cake Time!!
Kaylee made this amazing Daisy Duck cake for Amelia.
Excitement was in the air for present time..
Then Michael had a BIG surprise for her, but she had to close her eyes..
What could it be?
A Guinea Pig!!  She was in Heaven! Michael had to do a lot of talking me into getting her one. But I have to admit this little guy has been the sweetest pet and she is in love! 
Then after all the guests had left and the house was quiet Amelia had fun dressing up in her Ariel Dress up (thank-you mom) and snuggling with her new little furry friend.  The end of another amazing year with this little girl.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The last couple of weeks

These last couple of weeks have been full of excitement!


This is Emry ready to head out to her end of the year school program.  She was so excited to wear her chinese dress that Kaylee made for her.  And of coarse she had to take Molly along too, with her matching dress! Check out that cute hairdue! Yes, that was something my "little girl" did all by herself, she is growing up so you Emry!!

This is Emry with Mrs. Piper.  She was an AMAZING teacher!  I will forever be grateful of the love and kindnes she showed Emry.  

Emry in her cute yellow chinese jumper she got to perform in. 

This is Emry with Ding Loashi her chinese teacher.  Emry just fell in love with her!

With some friends after school!

Emry said this was her splash mountain face..haha!!


I was so lucky to have the opportunity to teach in a joyschool group in our neighborhood this year.  I honestly had the best time doing it!!  These were a darling group of kids, and of coarse the highlight of it all for me was being able to do it with my miss amelia!  This is her on her "graduation day"

These are the cupcakes I made ( those are suposed to be caps in case you were wondering)

Millie and Me....ahhh love that girl!

The super cool group of moms I got to teach with!

See, told you we were super cool!

These are the darling kiddos that were in our group, aren't they so cute!?!

They were ready to celebrate


This little boy is growing up way too fast!!

He loves giving kisses......and occasionally has to go to time out..

And there is no denying everday he is looking more and more like his daddy!

Fisher loves to make us laugh and he loves to laugh, especially with his sisters.  We are so lucky to have him in our family!

So that's pretty much what has been going on with us this last month!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Sweet Dreams

I love walking into fishers room right after he wakes up from his nap....his rosy cheeks and innocent stare just melt me........

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